For years and years, I studied Uechi-Ryu until I became a master. I have competed in Uechi-Ryu competitions around the world and I have owned many traditional Uechi-Ryu dojos. Uechi-ryu is a traditional style of Okinawan karate. Uechi-ryu can be roughly translated to “Style of Uechi.” Uechi-Ryu has given me strength, endurance, and patience, and I have Uechi-Ryu to thank for my great health.

Though I am now retired, I continue to practice the ways of Uechi-Ryu in every aspect of my life. I eat a clean and mindful diet. I take time to pay the universe gratitude for each bite of food I eat. I still practice Uechi-Ryu to stay physically fit, but I have also started to participate in yoga and mediation. I focus on the positive.

As I get older, I have found that I am not as able as I once was. Though this can be disappointing at times, I have lived a long and full life and I am incredibly grateful. To keep up with my aging mind and body, I take a variety of herbal supplements that are backed by eastern medicine. I am a firm believer in mind-body medicine and all things holistic.

I will use this journal to post the things that inspire in hopes of inspiring others. I plan to post my daily Uechi-Ryu routines as well as my favorite recipes, herbal supplements, and healthy living tips. I hope to inspire others through Uechi-Ryu in the same way that I was inspired by my former teachers.

A Closer Look at Super Foods: Focus on Hemp Protein Powder

With ever increasing awareness, doctors, dieticians, and other health experts are recognizing the remarkable health powers contained in food. Research is showing that just as much as unhealthy foods have the powers to cause detrimental effects to health, healthy foods can offer substantial benefits and healing powers. The foods with the most impressive benefits are commonly referred to as super foods for their remarkable attributes. One super food worth taking a closer look at is hemp protein powder. Hemp seeds are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals making them a stand out super food.


Hemp is an ideal plant based source of complete protein. Not only does it have all eight essential amino acids to make it a complete protein, but it also has two additional amino acids. Additionally, it contains the plant protein Edestin, a protein that very closely resembles a protein found in the human body.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats have been shown to offer protection for both the brain and the heart. Hemp protein powder naturally has both omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. Additionally, it is a natural source of omega 6 fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA has been shown to offer a variety of benefits, including helping to reduce inflammation.

Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to the important fatty acids offered in hemp protein powder, hemp also provides people a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Hemp is a great source of the minerals iron, magnesium, zinc, and, potassium. Further, it provides the fat-soluble vitamins B, D, and E. These vitamins and minerals help with everything from organ function, to energy levels, to fighting against free radicals.

Final Thoughts

Super foods maintain their revered status in the nutritional world for good reason. Adding super foods like hemp protein powder to the diet gives people the immediate benefit of feeling good alongside the more long term benefit of fighting against aging and disease—all without the use of chemically formulated drugs.

An Introduction to Healthy Oils

Cod Liver Oil – This is perhaps the most important healthy oil that you can add to your diet. Cod liver oil, especially when traditionally fermented, is packed with nutrients that are necessary for optimal health. Cod liver oil is not cooking oil and should never be heated. Rather, it should be consumed as a dietary supplement. If you cannot stomach the taste of cod liver oil, I recommend cod liver oil capsules.

Flaxseed Oil is rich in omega-3s and other important nutrients. Since heat will oxidize this oil, it should never be used to cook with and is best stored in the refrigerator until consumption. Flaxseed oil can be added to salad dressing, yogurt, and smoothies.

Olive Oil – The benefits of olive oil have been widely celebrated for centuries. Olive oil has a very low smoke point, which means that it burns and becomes rancid at very low temperatures. For this reason, olive oil is best used for low heat or cold purposes. Try mixing organic olive oil with apple cider vinegar to make a nutrient dense and delicious salad dressing.

Coconut Oil – This healthy oil has nearly too many healthy boosting properties to count. Packed with vitamins and healthy fatty acids, coconut oil works to boost immunity and improve overall health in countless ways. Coconut oil is also incredibly heat stable which makes it suitable for all types of culinary uses. It also makes an excellent vegan substitute for butter and is perfect for making raw desserts. You can also buy extra virgin coconut oil capsules for use as a dietary supplement.

Sesame Oil – This healthy heat stable oil is perfect for cooking at high temperatures. It contains many important minerals such as magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and zinc, as well vitamin E and healthy fatty acids.

Ancient Herb Showcase: Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is an adaptogen herb which means that it has the ability to adapt to your body’s specific needs. Adaptogens work to normalize and improve any part of the body that isn’t functioning optimally. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps is considered one of the most valuable and potent health boosting herbs.

Cordyceps is a mushroom like fungus that can be eaten whole or brewed into a tea. The problem for most people is that it is hard to find and doesn’t taste very good. For this reason, it is easiest to find a cordyceps sinensis supplement either online or at your local health food store.

Because cordyceps is an adaptogen, it works to boost all areas of health and wellness while causing little to no side effects or interactions. Each adaptogen has its own unique properties. Cordyceps specifically works to boost energy, endurance, and stamina. This unique adaptogen herb also fights fatigue, boost lung function and oxygen capacity, boost the immune system, and improve sexual function.

Cordyceps boosts energy and vitality while fighting weakness and fatigue which make this herb a popular supplement amongst athletes. In the 1993 Chinese National Games, the Chinese women’s track and field team shattered close to 10 records! When the team was quickly questioned about steroid use and supplementation, the coach informed the media that he credited their success to a tea made with cordyceps sinensis.

Cordyceps supplements benefits people who aren’t athletes as well. Anyone who wants more energy, more vitality, for focus, and less stress can benefit from cordyceps sinensis. The best cordyceps supplement will contain 100% cordyceps sinensis and absolutely nothing else. It should not contain fillers, flow agents, or any artificial ingredients. When buying supplements, always be sure to read the labels and purchase only from trust worthy companies.

The Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef Liver

In a previous article, I discussed grass-fed beef liver and the way in which it can be turned into a supplement to increase overall health and wellness. I discussed desiccated liver supplements and how they have helped me in my Uechi Ryu training. Today I am going to go further in depth in discussing the health benefits of 100% pure desiccated liver. Continue reading to learn more!

As previously mentioned, grass-fed beef liver is a forgotten superfood that has nearly disappeared from modern diets. The reason most people no longer consume beef liver is because they either don’t know how to cook it or because they do not like the taste. Some people even shy from eating grass-fed beef liver due to the MYTH that the liver stores toxins. This is simply not true! The liver, in fact, filters and disposes of toxins, but they are NOT stored in the liver. This means that liver is perfectly safe, and incredibly beneficial, to consume.

Back to the taste problem; there are many superfoods that taste less than appetizing, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat them! If you are following a standard American diet, it is likely that you are deficient in at least one nutrient, if not many. Grass-fed beef liver is packed with vitamin A, B vitamins, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, iron, and more. All of these nutrients are necessary for optimal human health.

Grass-fed beef liver, raw and fresh or desiccated, works to increase energy and endurance. Grass-fed liver also works to correct iron deficiencies and associated problems such as anemia. As a clean source of nearly pure protein, liver also works to build muscle and combat muscle soreness. I buy desiccated liver online or from my local health foods store. In order to find the best desiccated liver, be sure to read my previous article!

When Eating Healthy Does Not Seem to Be Enough

Healthy eating is an crucial goal for both looking good and feeling good. The right foods, like fresh produce and organic proteins, can do everything from increasing our energy to fighting disease to giving us clearer skin, and everything in between. The wrong foods, like processed foods, can do just the opposite. What is a person to do when he or she feels like they are eating all the “right foods,” but still feeling less than his or her best? Try the following remedies to make sure you are getting the most from your diet.

Food Journal to Identify Gaps and Triggers. Keep a journal of everything you eat for a minimum of two weeks. Note what you eat, when you eat it, and how you feel afterwards. The journal serves two purposes. First, as you look over your week as a whole, you may realize you are not getting as much of certain nutrients as you think. Make an effort to incorporate missing nutrients into your diet.
Secondly, you may notice that certain foods lead to your feeling sluggish, having headaches, or GI troubles. For example, if you notice a trend when you consume dairy, try eliminating dairy and see if you notice any improvements.
Add Supplements. Maintaining a well balanced diet is not easy every day, for every meal. Adding an antioxidant supplement known for giving energy can be the answer. One particularly strong option for this goal is an ubiquinol supplement, like the respected Dr. Mercola Ubiquional supplement. Because it is used by every part of the body for increased cellular energy, many people find significantly improved energy levels when taking this supplement. The antioxidant content is a bonus benefit in helping the body fight against damaging free radicals.

Seek Professional Guidance.

If you are confident your diet is not to blame for your feelings of malaise, lack of energy, or other health related problems, contact your doctor. Seek medical advice to rule out any other issues that could be contributing to your problems. If you have kept the aforementioned food journal, bring that with you to your appointment as your physician may be able to help you see nutritional gaps or triggers you may have missed.

3 Ways to Eat More Spirulina

Spirulina is an easy superfood to add to your diet, even if you don’t like the taste of freshwater algae! Yes, you heard that right: spirulina is a type of freshwater algae that people add to their diets because it is SO GOOD for the human body. Spirulina is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, and chlorophyll.

Make a Spirulina Smoothie
Have you ever tried a green smoothie? How about a spirulina green smoothie? I make spirulina smoothies every morning. They are delicious, I swear! The trick is to add a few tasty fruits like bananas, pears, apples, citrus fruits, and berries. Then you balance out the sweetness with some fresh greens and add a pinch of spirulina for a punch of superfood nutrients! Toss in some ice and non-dairy milk, give it all a whirl in your blender, and you’ve got a delicious, nutrient dense meal on the go!

Make Spirulina Baked Goods
Spirulina can be easily added to baked good recipes. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of dried, organic spirulina to the dry ingredients found in your recipe. Adding spirulina to baked goods gives your treats a bright green color, naturally, and adds a ton of important nutrients. I find the absolute best organic spirulina recipes on Pinterest!

If All Else Fails, Try Spirulina Capsules
If you truly can’t stomach the taste of spirulina, you can purchase dried, organic spirulina in capsule form. Spirulina capsules contain all of the same nutrients that spirulina powder contains, but in a convenient, tasteless capsule. Spirulina capsules can be found online and at health food stores. When buying spirulina, in capsules or powder, be sure to choose a product that is 100% pure and USDA certified organic.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Rhodiola Rosea

You may or may not have heard about the wonderful stress fighting, energy boosting, super herb called rhodiola rosea, but continue reading to learn the top 6 things that you definitely should know!

1. Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen herb meaning that it works to normalize any aspect of the body that isn’t functioning properly while simultaneously boosting overall health. Adaptogen herbs also cause little to no side effects or negative interactions.

2. The best rhodiola rosea is wild harvested from the Siberian Mountains. Unfortunately, many of the rhodiola rosea supplements that are found in health food stores are made with rhodiola rosea that is cultivated in a lab. Buy Siberian rhodiola rosea whenever possible.

3. Rhodiola rosea is a bright yellow flower, but it is the root of the flower that holds most of the plant’s beneficial properties. The root is turned into an extract which is then dried and turned into a supplement.

4. Rhodiola not only boosts overall health like all adaptogens, it also has its own unique benefits. These benefits include reduced mental and physical stress and fatigue, a better immune system, greater energy, increased mental focus, and more.

5. This adaptogen herb is popular amongst athletes as it boosts energy while fighting fatigue. Many people take this supplement as a natural alternative to synthetic sports supplements like caffeinated pre-workouts.

6. Many people take pure rhodiola rosea supplements to replace dangerous prescription anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. Adaptogens work to balance the body: if you are too stressed, they will calm you down. If you are too tired, they will boost your energy. They truly are magical little herbs!

Love learning about this wonderful little herb? You can learn more about rhodiola rosea here

Feel Your Best Again!

Are you feeling wonderful right now? Are you awake, focused, energized and happy? If you are, great!

If not … what have you had to eat today?

Food intake has direct impact on how we feel. Most processed/ unhealthy foods contain chemicals and toxins that can cause you to feel tired, bloated, depressed etc.
Not only are there toxins in our food but in our environment as well. Air fresheners, skin products, and medications are common culprits. Years of toxic buildup can really damage your body and your soul. No worries though, there is something you can do about it!

You can jumpstart the return of a healthy clean body and begin to feel your best again by completing a Detox program. Read all about the program at 21daydetoxplan.com developed by Neuropath Dr. Erica Leopre. I love this program because

  • It is a food and supplement based cleanse, so you never feel deprived or hungry
  • You are taught about the right food choices and counseled on having a new perspective on how and what to eat. This makes it easier for you to continue healthier lifestyle choices when the program ends
  • The Detox plan helps you pinpoint any food allergies you may have not been aware of before
  • In addition to eliminating food toxins, the program touches on environmental toxins and what you can to avoid them as well
  • “You are what you eat”. So cliché but so true. If your not feeling your best consider starting off with a good Detox program, so that the next time you have a choice between a donut and an apple you will ask yourself “how do I want to feel today” and you will make the right choice!

Coconut Oil Unrefined Vs Refined Coconut Oil, Which one to choose?

Coconut Oil has tremendous health benefits, which include but not limit to hair care, skin care, weight loss, and optimal digestion. Also Coconut Oil helps protect immunity against a lot of infections and diseases. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The unique and healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) have been found in this super fruit, including Caprylic Acid, Lauric Acid, and Capric Acid. Compared to most of the fat that we consume every day that takes quite longer to digest, MCFAs only have to go through 3 processes to be turned into energy and other fats have to go through a 26 step process. In addition to providing energy, the natural saturated fats contained in coconut oil help
increase the good cholesterol in the body, as well as assist in converting the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol, which will eventually result in a healthier heart. As one of the powerful super foods, Coconut oil has shown profound positive effects on the health of the body.

Refined or Unrefined?

Since Coconut has been considered as a powerful food, the problem arrives in which form of Coconut oil is better and healthier. Either refined or unrefined?

According to research, both refined and unrefined (extra virgin coconut oil) contains the same amount of beneficial fatty-acid. However, unrefined coconut oil is richer in phytonutrients than refined coconut oil. During the heating and bleaching process of producing refined coconut oil, there is certain nutrient, Polyphenols, usually play as antioxidants in human body, is damaged during the refining process which proves that unrefined coconut oil stands apart more from undefined coconut oil.

However, numerous studies show that raw coconut oil has a relatively low smoking point of 350 degrees F, which will be hard to include in most of cooking methods, on the other hand, refined coconut oil has a smoking point of 400 degrees F, which obviously makes more sense to be used for baking or stove cooking. (Those are normally considered as high temperature cooking methods.)

So when you decided to choose which form of coconut oil you want to use, you have to make sure the quality come first, there is no wrong or right about which form of coconut oil you choose, the quality matters the most. Avoiding the coconut contains chemical, artificial ingredients, or bleach, etc.

Cordyceps- “Imperial Tonic”

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most potent and beneficial herbs in the world. It is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China.
There are many records on Cordyceps in traditional Chinese medicine books. Cordyceps have been used in Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. To date, Cordyceps have been recognized for its powerful potency in restoring energy, promoting longevity, and improving the quality of life.

The numerous health benefits of Cordyceps

  • Cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin and a variety of nutrients confirmed to inhibit a variety of bacteria growth.
  • Stimulates cell proliferation, enhances the immune system defenses, and increases macrophage activity.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases blood oxygen, dilation of blood vessels.
  • Containing about 28 kinds of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for lowering blood cholesterol.
  • Helps prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Contains mainly vitamin B1, B2, B12 and other B complex and vitamin K which helps to boost normal metabolism.
  • Contains selenium, zinc, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, aluminum, chromium, especially, selenium is the body’s most important trace elements.

I personally like Perfect Cordyceps since it is 100% organic, sourced from the highest- quality mushroom, and grown under carefully regulated conditions in the United States. For those who want to make your own Cordyceps capsules, you can ground Cordyceps into powder and pack in capsules, so it is easy to carry with you daily. This would be convenient for long time consumption. Whenever you choose to take capsules, make sure you consume the pure and premium product.