Help! How Do I Detoxify My Liver???

You have all of the warning signs- bloating, indigestion, irritability and mood swings. Your skin has been breaking out and you are constantly tired. Your liver is experiencing a toxic overload. Maybe you overindulged on a family vacation, or maybe you lost track of your clean eating diet- that’s ok! The problem is that we live in a very toxic world, and our livers can become overworked. When this happens, our bodies sometimes need a little boost when it comes to detoxification.

Learn About Detoxification
There are a number of ways that you can learn more about detoxification. You can read a book or an e-book on the subject. You could also take a class with your local naturopath. Some new age colleges and universities even offer holistic health classes, and it is likely you will be able to find a class on detoxification. Last but not least, there are often webinars and online classes that you can download.

Drink More Water
Water helps aid your body’s detoxification pathways in a number of different ways. First, it help flush toxins from your body when you use the bathroom. It also promotes healthy sweating, which is another form of detoxification. Your body cannot work to detoxify itself if it is not properly hydrated. Make sure you are drinking clean, filtered water that is free from chemical contaminants and other toxins.

Eat Clean
There are toxins everywhere, but one way that you can reduce your exposure is by eating a clean diet. A clean diet consists of local and organic foods whenever possible- foods that have not been contaminated by toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients, or heavy processing. It’s not always possible to eat 100% clean, but even trying to eat clean 50-80% of the time will drastically reduce your exposure.

Find a Natural Detoxification Supplement
Last but not least, it may be wise take an all natural liver cleanse supplement. These supplements should contain liver detoxifying herbs such as turmeric and milk thistle. These supplements can be purchased from your local health food store, or from a reputable online source.